TAP hires Ulrike Andres, former CEO of Transalpine Pipeline as Commercial & External Affairs Director

Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) AG is pleased to announce that it has hired Ulrike Andres as its new Commercial & External Affairs Director. more

GIE appoints Boyana Achovski as new GIE Secretary General

Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE) appoints Boyana Achovski as new GIE Secretary General as of 1 September 2016. more

Gazprom receives first permits for TurkStream

Gazprom received through diplomatic channels the first permits for the TurkStream project from the authorities of the Turkish Republic after the decision to resume the project this year. ... more

Croatian biogas plant of Weltec Biopower goes live

In summer 2016, a biogas plant of the German plant manufacturer WELTEC BIOPOWER went live in Varazdin, northern Croatia. The 250-kW plant of the pig farmer Dalibor Vrček perfectly suits the... more

g4e Exclusive

Report: The LNG market till 2030

A group of students from the University of Applied Sciences at Landshut are carrying out with a new project regarding the future market of LNG. The study is part of the interdisciplinary work... more

Hot Shot: MEG storage tank area of Melkøya plant

To ensure efficient transport through the pipelines, mono-ethylene glycol (MEG) is, among other things, added to the natural gas. The purpose of a glycol dehydration unit is to remove water... more

Praxis: Glycol treating during the pipeline transport of natural gas

The recycling of glycol which is added to natural gas for transport is playing an ever-increasing role in the efficient and environmentally-friendly operation of gas pipelines. BHS-Sonthofen... more

Products & Services

Nel ASA launches new containerised turn-key electrolysers

Nel Hydrogen Electrolyser, a division of Nel ASA (Nel), launches the new containerised NEL C-range electrolysers, thereby offering a low-cost, turn-key solution, representing the world’s... more

Metal seated DBB valves for a reliable primary isolation

AS-Schneider has expanded the comprehensive Double Block & Bleed product range of its VariAS-Blocks: These are now also available with a metal seated ball valve des ign. This means that the... more

New pipe bevel measurement tool

Optical Metrology Services (OMS) has engineered a new pipe bevel measurement tool that can help deliver improved weld quality and superior pipeline integrity. more

Crowcon extends range of XgardIQ sensors to detect wider range of gases

The next-generation XgardIQ gas detector can now be fitted with sensors for the detection of ammonia or sulphur dioxide, in addition to the existing range of sensors which covers 10 different... more