Report: Efficient liquid biomethane production with cryogenic upgrading

Producing liquid biomethane is an attractive way of valorizing biogas, provided that the gas treatment technology is adapted to a project’s capacity and cost-effective. By combining... more

Praxis: UC Irvine injects renewable hydrogen into campus power supply

University of California, Irvine engineers have successfully implemented the first power-to-gas hydrogen pipeline injection project in the United States, demonstrating the use of excess... more

Report: Metrological condition assessment of pipelines

Given the increased awareness and sensitivity with regard to safety aspects in the transportation of hazardous media, advanced and (locally) precise monitoring of a pipeline’s condition is... more

Report: What is the role of higher efficiency gas appliances in shaping the future demand for gas?

Everyone knows that the European energy market is undergoing a transformation. In fact there are multiple and inter-linked transformations going on, most notably around the surge in... more

Report: Techno-economic optimisation of large natural gas transmission systems

This article shares experience with the optimal design of large cross-country, onshore natural gas transmission systems. It is essential to find the techno-economic optimum depending on the... more

Report: Microthermal natural gas metering creating value through novel types of data

In addition to basic flow values, static gas meters (and these include microthermal meters) are particularly useful for supplying unique pieces of information, such as the heat capacity of... more

Report: LABTQ - European Association of independent test laboratories

LABTQ is an association today representing 11 independent European laboratories having a broad experience in testing appliances burning gaseous, liquid or solid fuels. LABTQ has been... more

Report: The LNG market till 2030

A group of students from the University of Applied Sciences at Landshut are carrying out with a new project regarding the future market of LNG. The study is part of the interdisciplinary work... more

Praxis: Glycol treating during the pipeline transport of natural gas

The recycling of glycol which is added to natural gas for transport is playing an ever-increasing role in the efficient and environmentally-friendly operation of gas pipelines. BHS-Sonthofen... more

Praxis: Explosion safety for gas engines

Any unburned gas/air mix in the exhaust system of a gas engine can be highly explosive, so that adequate protection is a must. more

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