Video: Linde standard hydrogen filling station with IC90 compressor

For hydrogen fuelling stations, Linde has developed a 5-stage ionic compressor. The pistons of the machine move up and down hydraulically. On the top of the pistons there is the ionic liquid... more

Video: Bosch System Technology for Commercial Vehicles powered by Natural Gas

Bosch is systematically refining the natural-gas powertrain for commercial vehicles. This includes systems and components for engine anagement, fuel supply, fuel injection, ignition, air... more

Video: LNG Bunker System

The video shows how a LNG transfer system is working. more

Video: Intelligent Pigging Pipeline Inspection Services

Intelligent pigging solutions for rapid and precise examination of pipeline structural integrity. (Source: You Tube) more

Video: Drilling an underground gas storage

This video shows the process of drilling an underground gas storage. more

Video: Trans Adriatic Pipeline

The Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) will be approximately 870 kilometres in length (Greece 545 km; Albania 211 km; Adriatic Sea 105 km; Italy 8 km). Its highest point will be 1,800 metres in... more

Video: How a combined cycle gas turbine power plant works

In a combined cycle gas turbine power plant, electricity is generated using heat released during the combustion of natural gas. more

Video: Biogas plant process

This animation explains technical details of a biogas plant more

Video: LNG - Natural Gas Industry Tutorial

The LNG Supply Chain: Liquefied Natural Gas, from subsea to the city. more

Video: P2G - Energy Valley Power to Gas

How to transform electricity into chemistry more

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