Video: Reducing Methane Emissions in Oil and Gas Production (Climate & Clean Air Coalition)

The oil and gas sector is the second largest man-made emitter of methane. This video highlights how the CCAC is working with oil and gas companies through its Oil and Gas Methane Partnership... more

Video: Well Inspection Process at Aliso Canyon Storage Facility (Southern California Gas Company)

Learn more about the Safety Review Testing Regime being used to test each of the 114 natural gas storage wells at SoCalGas’ Aliso Canyon Storage Facility. Every well at Aliso will either... more

Video: Linde standard hydrogen filling station with IC90 compressor

For hydrogen fuelling stations, Linde has developed a 5-stage ionic compressor. The pistons of the machine move up and down hydraulically. On the top of the pistons there is the ionic liquid... more

Video: Bosch System Technology for Commercial Vehicles powered by Natural Gas

Bosch is systematically refining the natural-gas powertrain for commercial vehicles. This includes systems and components for engine anagement, fuel supply, fuel injection, ignition, air... more

Video: LNG Bunker System

The video shows how a LNG transfer system is working. more

Video: Intelligent Pigging Pipeline Inspection Services

Intelligent pigging solutions for rapid and precise examination of pipeline structural integrity. (Source: You Tube) more

Video: Drilling an underground gas storage

This video shows the process of drilling an underground gas storage. more

Video: Trans Adriatic Pipeline

The Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) will be approximately 870 kilometres in length (Greece 545 km; Albania 211 km; Adriatic Sea 105 km; Italy 8 km). Its highest point will be 1,800 metres in... more

Video: How a combined cycle gas turbine power plant works

In a combined cycle gas turbine power plant, electricity is generated using heat released during the combustion of natural gas. more

Video: Biogas plant process

This animation explains technical details of a biogas plant more

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