"Knowledge" for the future - this is where we have compiled relevant specialist knowledge on all essential facets of gas technology. Here you can find, ready sorted under thematic main headings, all the relevant reports, technical books, people and news at a glance. Competently compiled and intelligently interlinked.

g4e Exclusive

g4e Exclusive offers, even for non-subscribers, a broad storehouse of free-of-charge contents. Here everyone can read selected technical articles, interviews, special sections and photo galleries from gas for energy magazine.

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Gases & Gas Qualities

This thematic main heading features contents on the topics of gas qualities and their variations, including such as calorific value, Wobbe number and odorisation. Also injection and conditioning of biogas is covered.

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Grid, Transport, Storage

Pipelines are the lifelines of modern society, this counts especially for the natural gas grids. Security of energy supply is a main topic here, including transport and storage issues. The increasing role of LNG is as well discussed as Power-to-Gas technologies.

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Pipes, Valves, Corrosion Protection

Planning and construction, operation and maintenance, pipeline components and materials are the key aspects in this section. Compressor and pump stations, pipeline protection and corrosion control were also spotlighted.

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Management & Organisation

Daily operations need not only technical knowledge but also classical management know-how. Here we have also compiled a range of topics for you, such as guidelines and standardisation, all backed up with operational and business-management expertise. Plus: articles on joint ventures, orders and contracts, up to and including news from various organisations and institutions. 

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The whole world of gas measurement technologies is presented here. Gas meters, system units, smart metering devices  were visualized, basic articles about e.g. gas quality measurement discuss the fundamental findings. Latest news of global players round the survey off.

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Research & Development

Read here about the latest developments long before they become universal practice. Learn about research projects, cooperation models between universities and industry, and scientific discoveries.

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Standards & Set of rules

Technical rules and regulations are established for the gas industry throughout the world. Learn here more about the unification efforts of the gas associations, companies and institutes and the implementation of rules by appropriate education, professional training and renewal of knowledge.

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An overview of versatile gas applications is shown in this section. Started with domestic applications like heating devices including CHP and fuel cell technologies about gas utilization in the mobile sector, e.g cars, trucks, vessels, until commercial utilization the latest developments were presented.

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