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Selected Reports

Report: Efficient liquid biomethane production with cryogenic upgrading

Producing liquid biomethane is an attractive way of valorizing biogas, provided that the gas treatment technology is adapted to a project’s capacity and cost-effective. By combining... more

Praxis: UC Irvine injects renewable hydrogen into campus power supply

University of California, Irvine engineers have successfully implemented the first power-to-gas hydrogen pipeline injection project in the United States, demonstrating the use of excess... more

Report: Metrological condition assessment of pipelines

Given the increased awareness and sensitivity with regard to safety aspects in the transportation of hazardous media, advanced and (locally) precise monitoring of a pipeline’s condition is... more


Interview with Phil Doran, MD of ITM Power GmbH

“The introduction of a policy is expected, which will facilitate the economic operation of P2G plants in Germany” more

Interview with Maximilian Hofman, Managing Director of MAX STREICHER GmbH & Co KG aA

"Germany is gaining additional importance as the central distribution hub for natural gas" more

Interview with Peter I. Hinstrup, Conference Director at IGRC 2014 and Senior Consultant, Danish Gas Technology Centre

“There is no doubt that gas will still grow in the global energy mix” more


Profile: European Power-to-Gas Platform

In 2012 DNV GL took the initiative to establish the North Sea Power-to-Gas Platform aiming at bringing together stakeholders from the North Sea area involved in the Power-to-Gas value chain... more

Profile: ERIG – European Research Institute for Gas and Energy Innovations

In 2015 seven leading European technical and scientific organizations established a network to foster the role of gas and innovative gas technologies in the future energy system: ERIG –... more

Profile: BIL - the German-wide information system for pipeline enquiries

Since February 29th BIL has initiated a change of paradigm offering a cost-free digging request portal with on-line responsibility check in a fully digitized workflow. more

Hot Shots

Hot Shot: Kollsnes gas processing plant

The gas processing plant at Kollsnes forms part of the Troll Gas development, and became operational on 1 October 1996. Today the daily processing capacity is up to 143 million scm of gas and... more

Hot Shot: Yuzhno Russkoye field

Depending on the season, around 70 million cubic meters of natural gas are produced daily from the Yuzhno Russkoye field. © Wintershall more

Hot Shot: MEG storage tank area of Melkøya plant

To ensure efficient transport through the pipelines, mono-ethylene glycol (MEG) is, among other things, added to the natural gas. The purpose of a glycol dehydration unit is to remove water... more


Video: Linde standard hydrogen filling station with IC90 compressor

For hydrogen fuelling stations, Linde has developed a 5-stage ionic compressor. The pistons of the machine move up and down hydraulically. On the top of the pistons there is the ionic liquid... more

Video: Bosch System Technology for Commercial Vehicles powered by Natural Gas

Bosch is systematically refining the natural-gas powertrain for commercial vehicles. This includes systems and components for engine anagement, fuel supply, fuel injection, ignition, air... more

Video: LNG Bunker System

The video shows how a LNG transfer system is working. more

Video: Intelligent Pigging Pipeline Inspection Services

Intelligent pigging solutions for rapid and precise examination of pipeline structural integrity. (Source: You Tube) more

Video: Drilling an underground gas storage

This video shows the process of drilling an underground gas storage. more