Gases & Gas Qualities

This thematic main heading features contents on the topics of gas qualities and their variations, including such as calorific value, Wobbe number and odorisation. Also injection and conditioning of biogas is covered.


Monitoring of methane emissions from biogas plants  Cover

Monitoring of methane emissions from biogas plants

Torsten Reinelt / Tina Clauß / Jan Liebetrau

The four myths about LNG – getting the facts right Cover

The four myths about LNG – getting the facts right

Georg Ehrmann

Power-to-Gas – A solution for energy storage Cover

Power-to-Gas – A solution for energy storage

Doris Hafenbradl / Mich Hein



The Gas Engineer’s Dictionary Cover

The Gas Engineer’s Dictionary

Klaus Homann/Rainer Reimert/Bernhard Klocke



Conference of the European Biogas Association 2018

The fourth edition of the EBA conference will take place 24-26 January 2018 in Antwerp, Belgium. The conference will have two full days with presentations, poster sessions and an exhibition.... more

Hot Shot: Separation membrane for upgrading Biogas to bio-methane

Carbon dioxide and residual gases are separated from methane through selective permeation. This system generates biomethane with a methane-content of between 96.5 % and 99 %, depending on its... more

Interview with René Bautz, CEO of Gaznat and currently chairing Green Gas Initiative (GGI)

“GGI has set itself an ambitious objective: transporting gas that is carbon-neutral by 2050.” more

Praxis: Biogas to Bio-LNG as transport fuel

Based upon a hollow polymeric fiber membrane technology, the biogas up-grading process removes the main pollutants within the inlet biogas. more

Report: Direct catalytic methanation of liquid biomass wastes

Biomass waste products can be converted into a medium methane content gas (Bio-SNG). In this feasibility study, Aspen plus process modelling has been used to design processes for the... more

Nyhamna strengthens Norway’s position as gas exporter

Gassco has taken over on 1 October as operator for the gas processing plant at Nyhamna in Aukra local authority on Norway’s west coast. more

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