NASA to be joining the International LNG Summit in Barcelona

On 24 and 25 April 2017, Barcelona will welcome a closed-door event – the International LNG Summit. It is an opportunity to meet industry players, to build a network of fellow colleagues from around the world, to engage in discussions and to share knowledge and insights.

Leaders from the industry will meet under one roof to talk about LNG – from the new technologies and innovations, to the latest market trends, to the worldwide LNG pricing, LNG trading and the advance of small and mid-scale LNG.

Dr Jason Hartwig, the Research Aerospace Engineer from NASA, will be one of the key speakers. He will introduce the project Titan Submarine. LNG is not only the fuel for all types of vessels; it could also be used in aeronautics.

The International LNG Summit in Barcelona will also welcome speakers from Energean Oil & Gas, Gas Natural Fenosa, Gasnam, Enagas and many more of the industry professionals, who will share their expertise and information about ongoing projects.

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(Source: Wisdom Events)

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