10 Years of OMS-Group

The Open Metering System Initiative was founded in May 2007. Today, smart metering is at the heart of the energy transition and the OMS-Group boasts an international membership base. more

Long-Term Stable Metal-Oxide Gas Sensor

At this year’s Sensor+Test 2017 in Nuremberg (May 30 – June 1), Sensirion AG introduces the SGP – a long-term stable metal-oxide gas sensor. more

Cutting the costs of natural gas storage with optical moisture detection

Using optical moisture detection to reduce the costs and risks associated with storing natural gas is the focus of a new application note published by Michell Instruments: Gas storage: reduce... more

Rosemount® 8600 vortex flow meter reduces installation and maintenance costs

Emerson Automation Solutions expands its vortex flow meter portfolio with the addition of the Rosemount® 8600 Utility Vortex Flow Meter, designed specifically for utility applications. ... more

Gas detection thermal camera for oil and gas industry

FLIR Systems, Inc. announced the FLIR GFx320, an optical gas imaging (OGI) camera for the oil and gas industry that is designed for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. more

Qualification scheme to assure accuracy of gas flow metering in field condition

Today’s standards for gas flow metering are applicable for design and installation of the meters. However, none of these cover the sensitivity of the flow metering equipment in real life... more

Report: Microthermal natural gas metering creating value through novel types of data

In addition to basic flow values, static gas meters (and these include microthermal meters) are particularly useful for supplying unique pieces of information, such as the heat capacity of... more

32th International Scientific and Expert Meeting of Gas Professionals

The Croatian Gas Centre Ltd. and the Croatian Gas Association are announcing 32th International Scientific and Expert Meeting of Gas Professionals which is to be held from 3 - 5 May 2017 in... more

Quantomer MQMe with electronic counter and integrated electronic volume corrector function

The new MQMe quantometer is based on the principle of a turbine flow meter. The MQMe is designed for flow and volume measurement for natural gas, nitrogen, air (and other gases on request) in... more

Enhancements of Lancom 4 portable gas analyser

AMETEK Land announced a number of enhancements to its Lancom 4 Portable Gas Analyser to improve usability and provide attractive features as standard. more

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