EAGC 2017

The EAGC 2017 will take place in the Milan Marriott Hotel in Milan, Italy, from 6-8 November 2017.

EAGC has always been about gas issues for gas players. Yet in the face of competition from a growing renewables sector and stubborn coal & nuclear energy production, the gas industry must look to position itself to survive and thrive over the mid to long term. Working with policy makers and leaders from the renewables sector is partly the answer to developing future successful partnerships. Yet the industry must also take every available opportunity to demonstrate the benefits of a fuel that is well positioned to navigate future market conditions.

If gas is to be Europe’s fuel of choice, the question is where this gas will come from as European production declines. Will it come from international LNG or will it be piped from Russia, Azerbaijan or the Eastern Mediterranean?

Italy is at an energy cross-roads. Parliament is considering whether Italy's future energy security lies in fixed pipe contracts from Algeria, Azerbaijan and Northern Europe. Or is it through the flexibility of LNG imports and an extensive regasification terminal construction plan. Several key infrastructure projects taking place have substantial ramifications for the rest of Europe. Alongside the TAP and Poseidon projects, the much-discussed transmission capacity enlargement between Switzerland and Italy will have a great impact on supply dynamics across the EU.

Milan also has a broad gas heritage and, as host, will place the event at the heart of discussions that are defining the gas future of Europe.

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