LNGTainer ready for production of new gas transportation technology

LNGTainer has announced its new liquefied natural gas (LNG) container is ready for production, which will take place in Finland.

The containers utilize patented technology to make the storage and transportation of LNG more energy efficient and environmentally friendly than currently possible. Liquefied natural gas allows natural gas to be exported to a wide range of areas, including those with limited access to natural resources. LNGTainer aims to raise standards of living in these areas and to prevent deforestation by providing an alternative heat source. The patented technology gives their gas tanks a 60-day holding time. This allows them to be transported to parts of the world that are traditionally difficult to access. The most important aspect of the new tank container, and what gives a basis for the advanced design, is the fact that the insulation has been moved from the outside of the cryogenic tanks to the inside.

The containers are designed as 40' ISO containers stackable as per international rules and regulations, and can be flexibly arranged for storage purposes at power plants when used for feeding gas turbines or engines. LNGTainer’s new gas containers have 15% more volume and utilize 30 % less equipment by weight compared to normal gas shipping containers. Natural gas also produces 25 % lower CO2 emissions than traditional fossil fuels. The containers also use less insulation for maintaining internal temperature and need less energy to prepare the liquid gas for use.

The company has received a total of 3M€ in funding from sources including private investors such as Nordic venture fund Innovestor, and Finnish funding agency for innovation Tekes. LNGTainer www.lngtainer.com.

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