Trans Adriatic Pipeline is 50 % completed

The Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) is now more than 50 % completed, nearly 16 months after construction began. This includes all engineering, procurement and construction scope.

As of early-September 2017:

• TAP remains on its journey to deliver world-class health and safety performance across Greece, Albania and Italy. To date, our teams have collectively worked over 16 million manhours and driven approximately 43 million kilometres without a major incident.

• TAP’s contractors have cleared approx. 70 % of the project route in Greece and Albania (539km out of 765km). Also, over 45 % of welded steel pipes are already in the ground (backfilled).

• Approximately 95 % of the total 55,000 pipes to be used for the construction of the pipeline have been received in Greece, Albania and Italy. The last shipment of offshore line pipes has been offloaded in Brindisi, Italy, between 3 and 6 September 2017.

• More than 5,500 people have been working for the project across TAP’s host countries - over 85 % of which have been staff employed locally.

• TAP has implemented a wide range of social and environmental investment (SEI) programmes in the communities along its route. Substantial projects are due to be rolled out in the upcoming months. In total, TAP will invest over €55 million in SEI in Greece, Albania and Italy.

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