Polyurethane resins for pipeline pigging / styling, modeling, and working boards

RAMPF Group, Inc. is presenting its highly abrasion resistant and electrostatic dissipating range of polyurethane resins at the Pipeline Pigging & Integrity Management Exhibition (PPIM) 2017 from February 27 to March 2 in Houston, Texas. Polyurethane systems for tough applications are the focal point of RAMPF's presentation at PPIM 2017.

InnoTuf® HP Series – Abrasion Resistant Polyurethane Resins

The InnoTuf® HP Series from RAMPF encompasses Shore A and D durometer hardness materials with abrasion resistance. The RAKU-TOOL® HP-1585A polyurethane systems meet customer needs for durable parts that can withstand exposure to gouging, cutting and abrasion, as well as chemical and solvent exposure. They are ideal for use in pipeline pigs and a variety of other markets and industries, including amusement / theme park ride components, mining equipment, as well as parts for the paper, printing and metal finishing industries.

Anti-Static Series – Electrostatic Dissipating Polyurethane Resins

The Anti-Static Series from RAMPF is specifically formulated for the pipeline industry. RAKU-TOOL® AS-085A is a 85 Shore A polyester-based polyurethane elastomer formulated for hand batch or meter mix processing methods. It provides electrostatic dissipating properties over standard polyurethane systems. Physical properties can be obtained via post cure without the utilization of mercury, MOCA or TDI.

Furthermore, RAMPF Group, Inc. will be presenting its range of RAKU-TOOL® styling, modeling, and working boards made from polyurethane and epoxy. These boards are used at virtually all stages from design to production.

RAKU-TOOL® boards have a fine surface structure, good dimensional stability compared to wood and lower weight compared to metal. A further advantage is the handling where liquid and adhesive chemicals are applied only during gluing and repair; this allows customers to concentrate on milling.

(Source: RAMPF Group)

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