Photo: Øyvind Hagen/Gassco

Gassco and Gassnova work on a facility for carbon capture, transport and storage

The Ministry of Petroleum and Energy has commissioned Gassco to support the state-owned Gassnova company in continued work on a full-scale facility for carbon capture, transport and storage.

Gassco is responsible in this work for further studies on shipping CO2 between capture locations in eastern Norway and west Norwegian storage sites. An appropriation of NOK 360 million is proposed by the government in its 2017 budget for the commitment to a full-scale project on CO2 capture, transport and storage. Gassco and Gassnova submitted a feasibility study on CO2 shipment by sea to the government this July. Capture locations were Norcem in Brevik, Yara at Herøya and Klemetsrud EGE in Oslo.

 The government is planning to take a decision on investing in a CO2 value chain in 2019 and at least one facility could be ready for operation in 2022. Overall, planning and investment costs will depend on how much CO2 is to be captured and where and on how many transport vessels will be required. Both pipelines and ships represent possible transport solutions, but limited volumes and long distances in this value chain mean vessels will be more cost-effective and flexible.


(Source: Gassco)

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