Haidach natural gas storage facility fitted with further connection to pipeline network

Ten years after it was commissioned, the Haidach natural gas storage facility in Austria will be more closely integrated into the German energy market in future thanks to another connection line. The newly planned pipeline in the Burghausen/Überackern region will connect the storage facility with the German pipeline network via the MONACO natural gas pipeline. The additional transmission capacities for depositing and withdrawing natural gas in the Haidach facility will be available from the beginning of 2020. The shareholders of the Haidach storage facility are investing some € 7 million overall.

“Since the capacities of the transport network that is already connected are at full capacity utilization, the additional connection line is an important investment in a needs-based natural gas supply in South Germany,” explains Andreas Renner, Managing Director of astora GmbH & Co. KG, a subsidiary of the WINGAS Group. At times, the storage facility north of Salzburg can only inject and withdraw limited volumes of natural gas, owing to transport interruptions in the south German pipeline network. But with the new connection line, which includes a delivery station, fixed temperature-sensitive capacities will be available in future.

Storage customers in Haidach will then be able to use 100 % of the transport capacities to feed gas back into the transportation network during winter temperatures of 0 °C or colder. At a temperature range of between 0 and 8 °C, 57 % of the requested transport capacities will be firmly available. In summer, at temperatures from 16 °C, storage customers will be guaranteed 100 % of transport capacities for injection. Between 10 and 16 °C, a fixed 22 % of the requested transport capacities can be used.

The Haidach storage facility, around 30 km northeast of Salzburg, is a joint venture of RAG, GAZPROM and WINGAS. It was commissioned in 2007. Astora markets around 930 million m³ of natural gas from the Haidach storage facility.

(Source: astora GmbH & Co. KG)

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