TAP Celebrates 1st year of Construction

The 17th May 2017 marks the one-year anniversary since construction started on the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP), one of Europe’s largest and most strategic energy (natural gas) infrastructure projects. Activity in each of the three host countries is on time, on track and on budget.

Over the past twelve months, the following was achieved:

• The project has a site safety record with lost time frequency levels below international norms.

• TAP’s contractors cleared approx. 49 % of the project route in Greece and Albania (371 km out of 765 km). Also, 22.6 % of welded steel pipes are already in the ground (backfilled).

• In Italy, work is ongoing with the first batch of olive trees temporarily stored, so that construction of the 1,5 km micro-tunnel can start later in the year.

• Approx. 68.5 % of the total 55,000 pipes to be used for the construction of the pipeline have been received in Greece, Albania and Italy.

• More than 5,200 people have been working for the project across TAP’s host countries, over 85 % of which have been locally employed.

• TAP implemented a wide range of social and environmental investment (SEI) programs in the communities along its route. 70 additional projects with a total value of approximately € 15 million are due to be rolled out in the upcoming months. In total, TAP will invest over € 55 million in SEI in Greece, Albania and Italy.

TAP has a program for the next twelve months. By this time next year, it plans to have completed the clearing and grading of the route across Greece and Albania and have approximately 67 % of welded pipes placed in the ground (backfilled).

(Source: TAP)

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